Big water bike

In fact this is not a usual water bike because you can power it by legs or hands. Obviously, this is the perfect boat for convalescent people. It gives new possibility for disable people.  Additionally  it is possible to have even ten people on board this unusual boat.

For fitness lovers

If you prefer active recreation, train regularly and you like spending time on the water with a small group of friends, you need to get acquainted with this project of big water bike.

We design individual elements, manufacture them with our subcontractors and  will enjoy this awsome vehicle on the water. The prototype was already tested what you can see in the movie at the bottom of this page.

Relax and exercise

The water bike that will allow you to relax and at the same time take care of your figure and condition.

In one silent boat, you will exercise almost the entire body – legs, arms, shoulder girdle and back. We have foot pedaling, hands pedaling and rowing at our disposal.

serenity 550 fitness profile

Serenity 550 Fitness – technical data of big water bike

Length: 5.50m
Breadth: 2.50m
Depth to deck: 1.05m
Air draught: 3.00m
Min. draught of floats: abt. 0.3m
Max. draught of flaots: abt. 0.6m
The propeller in the working position descends 20cm below the bottom of the floats.

Propeller: 16″x14″, 2-blade, driven via swinging and rotating L-type column

Stearing wheel: 28cm

Serenity 550 Fitness Deck

Driving seats: 4
The types of drives to choose from: feet pedaling, hands pedaling, feet & hands pedalling, rowing.
We suggest that at least the helmsman’s drive is electrically supported.

Spare seats: 2 (2-4 people depends on their weight)

Seats with adjustable position and backrest inclination.

View to bow of water bike serenity 550 fitness. Foldable sunroof, white background.

Floats, roof and seats are dismantable what can facilitate shipping in container.

If you want to cover longer distances in a shorter time, we recommend electric foot pedals.

Anyway, we suggest that at least the helmsman’s position should be equipped with such a support.

serenity 550 view aft
Fitness water bike boat on the lake

Serenity 550R Fitness – water bike with solid roof

We are also working on the option of photovoltaic panels for the fixed roof version.
Solid roof made of aluminium and policarbonate.

serenity 550R bow
The view to side of water bike serenity 550r fitness. Solid roof, wooden railings. White background.
serenity 550r bow
serenity 550r aft roof
serenity 550r pv

Our water bike prototype launching

Here we have a short video from launching and testing of prototype of the vessel called Serenity 550 Fitness.

The main goal was to test stability and drive. Electrical support was not installed at any station yet.

As a result it was found that the water bike is very stable what means very safe against capsizing. Four adult men (of weight from 72kg up to 120kg) were standing on the one side close to the deck edge and nothing wrong was happened. We were expecting such result because this is a catamaran.

The end of November 2020.

Play Video

The prototype of big water bike in action

A short movie from boating of Serenity 550 Fitness on calm lake.

Only two persons are boating so only two drive stations are used. The helmsman’s one with electrical support.

There is still wooden deck but all equipment for production of composite deck are almost ready.

August 2021.

Please e-mail us if you need more details