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Arko ONE

21m length catamaran as a houseboat.

Conceptual design.

Main dimmensions

Class: DNV GL (RU – HSCL)  +1A LC Battery Power E0

  • Length: 21.10 m
  • Breadth: 8.80 m
  • Draught max: 1.40 m
  • Air draught = 10.8 m (incl. wind turbine)
  • Speed: max 12kn (4kn with use only solar panels and wind turbines)
  • Drive: 2 sets of  FP propeller + shaft line + electric motor
  • Deck area inside: 176 m2 (excl. engine, technical and wheel rooms)
  • Deck area outside: 102 m2
  • Roof area: 114 m2
  • Accomodation: 5 x 2 persons (bedroom with bathroom)
Where did this idea come from?

In recent years, houseboat recreational units have become increasingly popular.
These are units of various sizes, although the vast majority are small and light, which is certainly important for their transport.
Sometimes it’s more of a floating house, and sometimes it’s more like a boat.
The common feature is the comfort of living like at home with the possibility of moving the object independently by water at a low speed.
Such units are most often found in inland navigation.

An example is the proposals of the Polish manufacturer from Bydgoszcz – La Mare

We decided to deal with this new electric catamaran leaving aside very expensive mega yachts.

The project is a part of research and development work in our office.

It was possible thank close cooperation with the Palasz Marine Projekt design office ( ).

This office provides great opportunities in the field of strength calculations and structure design of hull, deck equipment, interiors and HVAC.

Design assumptions
  • It’s supposed to be more of a boat than a house.
  • Used in coastal area.
  • Not exceeds the dimensions of small ships, i.e. less than 24 m in length.
  • A multi-hull unit (catamaran), which allow to obtain the appropriate interior volume.
  • An important assumption was the maximum use of renewable energy sources to power the unit, i.e. the greatest possible reduction in harmful gas emissions.
  • Electric drive.
  • We assume that the speed should be equal to or little higher than the speed of a tourist sailing boat of similar length.
  • Designing the hull structure in such a way that it is light and at the same time simple in construction.
Despite the small size of the ship, to design it we used the entire set of software available in our office, mainly Rhinoceross, Maxsurf, Femap and 3DBeam.

We placed great emphasis on optimizing the underwater part of the hull to use every kW of available energy as effectively as possible.
We supported ourselves with a simplified CFD method.

Arko ONE big catamaran as houseboat hull shell curvature
Arko ONE big catamaran as houseboat hull structure

The entire aluminum alloy hull was designed using FEM tools to achieve the lowest possible weight while minimizing the material needed for construction.

Energy is generated by solar panels and wind turbines placed on the roof and is stored in li-ion battery packs.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, we have planned to use a combustion generator.

Arko_ONE big catamaran as houseboat top view

Deck arrangements

Deck P2

bridge, living room, kitchen

Deck P1

cabins, locker, WC

Deck P0

cabins, ERs, battery room

If you have any questions, do not hasitate – write to us.