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Item No.

01. Design and engineering

From the scratch through technical design to delivery documentation.

Item No.

02. General calculations

Hydrostatic, intact stability, damage stability, VPP, strength, FEM and others.

Item No.

03. Project management

Scope, budget, schedule, risk assesment.

Item No.

04. Catamaran Serenity 550

Design and building acc. to your needs.

01. Design and engineering

From the concept through few levels of design and engineering till commissioning and delivery documentation.

Ships, boats and other floating objects as well as non floating.

Scetches, calculations, technical drawings, 3D models and visualisations.

Idea - Design and engineering - Production

The easiest thing is

to come up with a concept

It is more difficult

to develop the concept into a technical and workshop project

The most difficult thing is

to produce the designed object

Our design priorities


functionality and safety


drive efficiency


production cost



An example of the project we have implemented from idea to production is:

Serenity 550

Use our skills and experience.

We start by collecting design assumptions, which we agree with the client using sketches, preliminary calculations and simple visualizations.
In this way, a preliminary design is created, which may be the basis for signing a contract for a technical design.

Examples of design assumptions:

  • Main function (recreation, sports, passenger transportation, cargo transportation, research, etc.).
  • Dimensions (length, width, height to the deck, max height)
  • Number of crew and passengers
  • Operation area (max immersion, weather)
  • Speed max
  • Endurance (size of tanks, electric batteries, food supplies)

02. General and strength calculations

Calculations carried out from the initial stages of design allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the final phase of design and production of the unit.

At the beginning, it is enough to use spreadsheets – Excel.

However, you quickly need to start using specialized tools.

Thanks to close cooperation with the Palasz Marine Projekt design office, we have access to the following software:


consisting of several modules


defining geometry (NURBS), hydrostatic characteristics


allows to estimate with use of approximate methods, the behavior of the hull in given weather conditions (sea states)


strength calculations – beams, frames, grates, shells


approximate methods for estimating hull resistance


hydrostatic characteristics, stability calculations in intact and damaged condition


approximate method of predicting the speed of sailing yachts


strength calculations using the FEM method

(specialists from the Palasz Marine Projekt design office)

We encourage you to use our computing services.

Our offer will be financially advantageous.

Cooperation with one client showed us that the exemplary idea of converting a recreational vessel into a passenger vessel without prior analysis of the existing vessel in terms of regulations for passenger vessels leads to major problems with certification.

03. Project management

Planning and verification of these plans.
Designing something may be one project, and building it may be a separate project.
Of course, very often these two stages are implemented as one project. Especially if it is carried out by a production company with its own design office.

Scope - Schedule - Budget

At the very beginning you need to define the project

Scope of work

what it concerns and what is to be the result


the dates by which individual stages of the project are to be completed


how much money we have for the project

These three things must always be considered together if we want to obtain a high-quality final product within the previously agreed deadlines.

A good idea in project management is to estimate the risk associated with the implementation of individual stages of the project.
In short, it involves identifying potential threats, estimating the probability of their occurrence and preparing alternative plans.

In the era of constantly developing Internet applications, contact with other people is easier.
It is enough to give all interested people access to such an application so that they are equally informed about the developing project.

In the era of constantly developing Internet applications, contact with other people is easier.
It is enough to give all interested people access to such an application so that they are equally informed about the developing project.

The important things are:

  • Written confirmation of all arrangements with the client.
  • Informing the client about individual solutions.
  • Periodic and regular information to the client about the progress of work

This avoids misunderstandings and the need to make changes at an advanced stage of the project.

Therefore, there is no need to create expensive, realistic visualizations at the early design stage because it may turn out that in the end something different will come out and the customer will be dissatisfied.

Do you have an idea that needs to be implemented?

Maybe you just need support in implementing the project?

In any case, we will be able to fully commit ourselves.

04. Designing and building of new versions of catamaran Serenity 550.

After agreeing on the customer’s needs, we will prepare documentation and carry out the production of an existing or completely new version of the Serenity 550 catamaran.

The price of empty platform is 8350 EUR net.

The prices of already built units are:

Serenity 550 Fitness is 31250 EUR net.

Serenity 550 Electric is 34750 EUR net.

The prices of above two units were calculated based on production of one prototype unit. It is sure that price can be lowered in case of production of small seria.

More about catamaran Sereneity 550 can be found here.

If you have any questions, do not hasitate – write us.